Friday, August 3, 2018

Fiber Arts Friday: Tour de Fleece 2018, part 5

I started the last few days of the 2018 Tour de Fleece with about 9 oz of prepared fiber remaining.

This week is all about single #4 and getting my finished yarn from last week to the County Fair.

Friday, July 27th

Day 19

Saturday, July 28th

Day 20

Sunday, July 29th - Last Day

Day 21

Final results

The finished yarn is 2 oz, 164 yd, 20 wpi, 3-ply.

The remaining singles weigh 7/8 oz.

The remaining prepared fiber weighs ~8 3/4 oz.

Which means I spun 1 5/8 oz of very fine yarn during the Tour de Fleece.

I was hoping this bag would look more empty at the end of the Tour, but at least it weighs less.  I'll be spinning this batch of Tibetan Mastiff for a while to come. ;-)

Gunnar says great!  He's making more!  ;-)

Tuesday, July 31st - County Fair Check-in
I dropped the finished yarn at the County Fair.  Mine is on top of the pile in the center toward the back.

County Fair Entries for Spinning

Judging began on Wednesday morning.  Hubba and I will be heading over sometime this weekend to see the results.  *fingers crossed*

I was surprised to learn that some people don't have much dog hair to spin.

Of course I realize not everyone has large double-coated dogs in their life, but for a group of Chiengora spinners, I found it surprising.  So I offered two 4-oz packages of washed Tibetan Mastiff as prizes.  They will be heading to their new homes soon.

I enjoyed having more time to spin this year, it was very nice being able to see that the bobbins look different each day... a good measure of progress... It feels good to see progress.  This was a productive Tour de Fleece for me.

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Ruth said...

having one of these guys, never mind the number of dogs you have, does tend to give you a skewed sense of whats normal doesn't it? I forget what its like to not have a giant dog shedding on me every spring!