Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Dog Show: Denver Cluster, 2018

Back in Februrary, Gunnar and I entered the Denver Cluster Dog Shows.

Although the "cluster" broke up a couple of years ago, the three kennel clubs now hold their shows at two different venues, but still on the same weekend.

It's a 5-day event the weekend after Westminster, in February.

The first 3 shows were held at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds which is a very nice, although small venue.

The last 2 shows were held a the National Western Complex which is a large venue with a long history.  This venue will be undergoing renovations in the coming years.

Over the five shows, Gunnar was awarded Best of Breed three times and Select twice, as well as Best Owner-Handled all five days and an Owner-Handled Group 4 one day.

The OH Group placement was a huge accomplishment since Gunnar prefers socializing with his fans over being in the ring.

A news photographer took some amazing photos of Gunnar.

courtesy: Helen Richardson

With the winter weather turning bad, we did not stay for the group competition on the last day.  But the next day was gloriously beautiful... as is typical in Colorado. :-)

I enjoy the shows at the National Western Complex immensely.  There is a significant attendance by the general public, which means I have the opportunity to educate a lot of people about Tibetan Mastiffs.

We learned there is a couple that come to that show every year with the expressed purpose of seeing Gunnar.

We also learned that another couple got a Tibetan Mastiff from Gunnar's breeder because they saw his joyful greeting ringside the first time we attended this event.

I have a few more posts to catch up with from the winter.... we'll see how it goes.  ;-)

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