Saturday, February 22, 2014

Denver Dog Show

Last weekend was Gunnar's fourth Dog Show Weekend.  There were five days of shows, of which we participated in four.

He enjoys the grooming part.

He enjoys the meeting people part...

... especially the small people.  ;-)

He even enjoys the showing part... but I have no photos of that.  :-(

He also got to see his Breeder at this show who he adores.... I wish I had it on video... Gunnar LOVES his breeder.

He just turned one year old on February 12th.... 12 months and 135 pounds.  :-)  I was surprised, but he was still the youngest TM in the competition.

Gunnar won Winner's Dog every day which is first place for the Non-Titled dogs.  That added a few points toward his championship.  The big deal though, is that on Sunday, he won Best of Breed.


Over the current #1 Tibetan Mastiff in the US.

The Best of Breed win gave him his second "Major" so he only needs five more points to become recognized as a Champion of Record.... Yes, my baby boy is growing up.  :-)

Of course, the very best part of any dog show is being able to go back to work with his pack and his charges... and he was especially happy that there was still some mud available.  :-)


Alittlebitsheepish said...

Congratulations! He is getting so big and handsome as ever :)

Nancy McCarroll said...

Congratulations to Gunner!

Ouch, he rolls in mud!

Ruth said...

Go Gunner!

He looks awesome!

Chrisknits said...

He is adorable!!! We have two Newfies next door who are of the same size. They are so sweet. My boys are 40 and 50 lbs and quite small in comparison. VERY small in comparison. LOL

Voie de Vie said...

I cannot believe how big he is - and already a year old! He really is a handsome devil ... even when rolling in the mud.

Congrats on the best of breed!