Friday, September 23, 2022

Fiber Arts Friday: Small and Simple, part 2

Coming back to my Small and Simple sock project...

Step 4 - Begin Knitting

Based on the needles required, my inventory of tools, and my intent to keep this project as simple as possible, I will be knitting one sock at a time.

Once I'm past the toe, the sock is extremely simple until I get to the heel.

So I have caked 2 skeins, made two toes, and am ready to bring these with me on my trip.




Step 5 - Knit, Knit, Knit, and don't Talk About It

I apparently haven't taken any photos along the way.  lol.

I did take this project with me on my summer work trip.  I made a huge amount of progress both before and during that trip.

I also took this project to several waiting sessions... as in a couple of oil changes, an emissions test, one dog show... and waiting on hold with my Internet Service Provider for over 3 hours.  :-/

I bound off on September 11 and wove in the ends on September 12.

Ta Da!!  My very first hand-knit socks made by me, for me.  :-)

Only 5 months, start-to-finish.  :-D

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Home Improvements: Exterior, Recycling the Glass House

Last weekend we also cut down the aluminum frame and copper wire from the Glass House and hauled it to the Recycling Center.

Pretty incredible how small that monstrosity packed down to.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Home Improvements: Exterior: Trees, part 1

There is a lot to talk about this week on the Home Improvement front... :-)

The sellers stated they were un-aware of any dead trees on the property... but the first spring/summer revealed a few very-dead trees and several nearly-dead trees.

We, with the help of some friends, removed 2 very dead trees, 1 mostly dead tree, and 3 that were impeding the growth of other trees last weekend.

Two of the trees were quite large, and required the help of a back hoe.

The first very-dead, and very-large tree revealed termites.

I've since learned that termites are common in Colorado and feel very fortunate to have not experienced them before now.

My research confirms we have the Subterranean Termite Worker, pictured on the left below.  No others were observed.

We isolated this wood, until we were able to confirm the species... and will continue to keep it isolated until a professional inspection and treatment are completed, which have been scheduled.

Fortunately, no termites were apparent in the other trees we removed.

Cuttings from the live trees were given to the goats.

Non-infested logs were cut and stacked for firewood, and the branches were hauled away.  I probably should get a rack to raise this wood off of the ground.

AND I continue to find trash left behind by the previous owners.  :-/


There are at least 5 more trees to address, at this time.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Home Improvements: Exterior, Paint

With the Glass House gone, our Painter was able to get busy on the actual painting... and get busy, he did.



The new colors go much better with the existing roof and brick.  I think it also makes the house blend into the landscape more.

There are a few things currently remaining, including the replacement of the exterior lighting and gutters... and as predicted, we now really dislike the doors, but those will have to wait for a while.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Home Improvements: Exterior, Glass House Removal

We've spent the last few months just living and being in our new home.

After the move and with all of the work to prepare and sell our former home, we needed an emotional break.  Only taking time to unpack and organize as necessary, but mostly just focusing on decompressing and experiencing the new place as it was.

So now that we're feeling clear of mind and reasonably rested, as well as starting to do some of the things we used to do... like dog shows and travel, we decided it's time to start the work that needs doing.

Beginning with the Exterior

Starting in the last week of August we began firming plans for updating the exterior of our new home.

First up is paint... Paint, Siding Repair, Gutter Replacement, Removal of the Glass Room from the back of the house, and Exterior Lighting Replacement.

Capitalizing on an unexpected free Labor Day and the availability of a few awesome friends, we removed the glass house... on one of the hottest days of the year.

We also found some un-disclosed water damage.

I had hoped this room would be useful as a Greenhouse, but the reality was that it was cold in the winter and ridiculously hot in the summer... and we are very glad to have it gone.

The amount of light that is now present inside and the increased visibility of the back yard with this monstrosity removed is incredible.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Dog Shows: Cheyenne Kennel Club, 2022

Next up for Wilma and me was the Cheyenne Kennel Club Shows over Labor Day Weekend.

They have moved from the Frontier Days venue to the new Archer Complex, just east of town.... which is very nice.  This was my first time at this venue.

The Reserved Grooming Spaces were sold out by the time I registered for the event... and unlike Greeley, there was not an Open Grooming Area available, aside from adjacent to the car.  They will be having more reserved and indoor open grooming at future events.

So Wilma and I planned to "show and go" and I tried my new pop-up tent to help with shade in the parking area.

Wilma is a happy girl.  She enjoys seeing her Dog Show Friends and moving in the ring.

But when she's coming into season, she doesn't want anyone near her back end.  This includes me, let alone Conformation Judges.  :-/

Her normal season begins in late-September/early-October.  So I knew it was coming, but figured we were ahead of the window.

You know where this is heading now, right?

She refused to let the judge look at her teeth on the first day.

Upon taking her home, we examined her mouth to ensure nothing was going on.  To which she allowed both me and Hubba to examine, thoroughly.  She also let our friends look at her teeth at the venue the next morning.

But again on Day 2, she would not let the judge look at her.

I am very happy that she backed away from the judges and was mostly her goofy self.

I asked to be excused both days.

Both days the judges were extremely kind, patient, and tried very hard to help Wilma feel relaxed.  I have not experienced this level of support and accommodation from a judge before.  I thanked them both... and decided to stay home for Day 3.

So long story, short.... Wilma came into season on Day 3 of the show.  This is one month early.

So her behavior makes sense.  It is frustrating, but it makes sense... and I'm extremely happy there's nothing going on in her mouth.

This also means that we stayed home for the Evergreen and Peak-to-Peak Working Dog Specialty shows last weekend and are staying home for the Roaring Fork shows this weekend.

This also means that all hope I had for getting her ranked and therefore invited to the National Owner-Handled Championship later this year is over.

I always say that each dog teaches us something different.  For Wilma, I need to be more aware of her season, and plan accordingly.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Fiber Arts Friday: Summer Cardigan, part 3

I did figure out what was going on with Row 10 of the first Front Upper-Panel by taking a screen shot from the pattern website, zooming in, and counting stitches.

It turns out that the number of skipped stitches is not correct in a couple of places on the written pattern.  Once I confirmed that what I had was the same as the photo, I was able to move forward quickly.

As of this moment, both front upper-panels are complete.... and they match... and they each weigh the same.  :-)

I have 1/3 of the lower-panel to complete... and have ordered some new blocking boards.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!