Friday, August 10, 2018

Fiber Arts Friday: County Fair Results, 2018

As mentioned last week, I dropped my opposite Tibetan Mastiff skein off at the county fair on Tuesday,  Judging started on Wednesday morning.

All entries at the drop off.
My skein is on top of the pile in the back, at the center.

Judging is open to the public, but I have yet to be able to fit observing in my schedule.  I think I could learn a lot by listening to the judges discussion.

When I'm waiting for the results my insecurities comes out, especially since I've had good success before... Was the yarn good enough?  Did I mess up any of the presentation requirements?  Did the judges like my yarn?  There were a lot of good entries this year...

I was delighted to find it on the wall.... second skein from the right.

No ribbons, but a special award for "Outstanding Spinning Exhibit"  from The Laughing Lamb, which is a new local shop that I didn't know about.... who is moving out of state at the end of the month.  Boo.

Sadly, there weren't any comments other than hoping to see the final mitts.

The stewards asked me how I got the Tibetan Mastiff fur.  So I of course I talked to them about Gunnar and showed them the photos I've shared over the last few weeks.  They did say that the judge kept coming back to my yarn and that they learned a lot while judging it.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

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