Monday, November 30, 2015

NaBloPoMo: All Done

At the beginning of this month, I committed to writing every day and hoped I would finish a daily post.  I felt this was daunting, but doable if I put the time in.

I'm really proud of myself for accomplishing this goal and am looking forward to taking tomorrow off.  ;-)

My goal now is to continue a near-daily effort of writing, with publishing twice each week.  I would like to write more about the farm.

Thank you for reading all of these posts this month.  :-)

Sunday, November 29, 2015


If there is anything I dislike more than shopping and returning something that isn't what it's supposed to be, it is returning something because it doesn't work.

Since I wrote about puppy-proofing our de-icers, I have bought two more of the second brand... for a total of four this year.  One works, three don't.

Those are pretty bad odds.

So thinking that my brand new de-icers should be in working order, I have replaced extension cords, swapped outlets and swapped cords.  When the second one didn't work either, I did the whole thing again thinking I had missed a scenario.  So when the third didn't work, I resigned myself, went back to the first store and bought one of the first brand from last time and that one is working.

We haven't been above freezing since Wednesday evening... all tanks have open water. :-)

Now to hope Miss Nobu doesn't decide to kill this one.

Happy Winter!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Winter (Finally)

As the saying goes, "There is no bad weather, only bad clothes."

Before I was a farmer, I was an alpine ski instructor.

Just like skiing, how you dress is important for farming.

It's important to stay warm, but not too warm.

If you start to sweat, you you will get chilled.

Of course the Himalayan Canines and Andean Camelids could not be happier that winter is finally here.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Fiber Arts Friday: Voie de Vie

Sometime last summer Denise at Voie de Vie offered to make a cowl for me.

I don't exactly remember the circumstances, but I do remember feeling both inadequate and grateful to be offered such a gift.

Miso the kitty loves my Voie de Vie La Coeur Cowl too

Having made for others and rarely making for myself, I know how generous this sort of gift is.

We talked about some of the prepared yarns I had available and she decided on my handspun Keyla singles.  I sent her all I had left and included a skein of Bandit that I had spun last year for her trouble.

Keyla's yarn

She decided to use all of the yarn I sent and included some of Wonder Why Gal's handspun too.  She wrote about it here.

Bandit (grey) paired with Wonder Why Gal's handspun alpaca

I'm not certain I can convey what this gift means to me.  I bought the yarn before I bought Keyla.  She was always a teacher for me, up to and including when we lost her over the summer.

Denise, Thank you so much for this wonderful, generous gift.  I love it so much.  :-)

The pattern is La Coeur Cowl.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Giving Thanks

This was a surprisingly hard post to write.  Today is Thanksgiving in the US so social media will be covered in thankful and food posts.  I am most definitely thankful for my life and the food I'll be eating later, but it's been a tough year on many fronts.

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday.  Not only do I love turkey (and food in general) but I love getting together with my family.  They are loud and overwhelming.  There are a whole lot of them and I adore them.

I will laugh at my BIL's stories until I cry.  I will compare my height with nieces and nephews.  (I seem to be getting shorter.)  We will tease and make each other the butt of jokes.  We'll talk about what's going on, jobs, school, dreams and goals and we will toast each other's successes and blessings.  This is really one of my favorite days of the year.

Of course I will make time to watch the National Dog Show.  The show itself was November 14th, but the NBC broadcast is today.  A couple of friends were exhibiting and one's Tibetan Mastiff won Best of Breed, so I'm looking forward to watching her in the group ring.

I will take moments through out the day to pause, reflect and say thank you... as I do most days.  Life is precious.  I am grateful for the one I have and especially grateful for the many blessings and acts of kindness we've received.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


My MIL's recipe is a closely guarded secret.

I promised to never share it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


These weeks from the end of Daylight Savings until the Winter Solstice can be tough.  The days are just too short.

The time change has the sun go down an hour earlier when the days are already getting short.  Then they just get shorter.  This last week has been especially noticeable.

The sun is officially setting around 4:30pm now.  Which means at 3pm, it's really feeling late.

I love the cooler weather and winter in general.  I mean, we do raise wooly mammals.  But I am looking forward to the Winter Solstice next month.  ;-)