Monday, April 20, 2015

Introducing: Colorado's Big Bowl o' Ramen and Colorado's Leap of Faith

Please say hello to Nobu and Ramen.

We decided to keep two puppies from the Noodle + Gunnar Litter... a female and a male.

Nobu (Colorado's Leap of Faith) is affectionately called Gunnar Junior... though I should probably start calling her Junior-ette.  She is the spitting image of her father.

Ramen (Colorado's Big Bowl o' Ramen) was a surprise for us.  He's easy-going and very much a momma's boy and we're so happy that we decided he should stay with us.

These two are great friends and learning the ropes around the farm.... which includes wrestling with Papa. ;-)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Puppies Gone Home

My how time flies.

The last of our puppies went to their homes three weeks ago.

These pictures are from about a month ago.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Do Your Homework!

With rare and storied breeds like the Tibetan Mastiff, you have to be aware of shysters.

This person (people?) recently started a Facebook page using photos of dogs and children that do not belong to them.

I have seen a couple of the photos listed on the page before and am fairly certain they belong to different people.  Sadly it's common for these non-breeders to use photos of other people's dogs.

What is truly upsetting is that I personally know the children in the cover photo.  They are the grandchildren of a close friend of mine.

This person does not have permission to use this photo to represent their "breeding program."

Now, if you are new to your Tibetan Mastiff search, you may not realize that these photos are stolen.  So spend a few minutes looking at the other information.

This person says s/he is a "C-40a crew chief for the American Kennel Club in Montreal."
  1. The American Kennel Club does not have jurisdiction in Canada.
  2. The C-40a is a US Navy aircraft
  3. The American Kennel Club does not operate military aircraft.
Do your research!  Protect yourself!

There are many honest and responsible breeders out there with real dogs and puppies that are raised in loving homes from health-tested parents.

Fortunately this page has since been taken down.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fun in the Snow

The puppies will be 12 weeks old on Tuesday.

They had their second round of shots on Saturday and had a wonderful time at the vet office.

They are really coming into their own, have started spending some time with the alpacas and ready for their new homes.

We have four girls available.

Miss Pink:

Miss Blue:

Miss Green:

Miss Purple:

Send me a message here.  :-)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Puppies Going Home

It's hard to believe that the puppies will be 11 weeks old on Tuesday.

Several have gone home already and a few are still available.

Miss Blue

Miss Green

Miss Pink

Miss Purple

All of the puppies have gone to wonderful pet homes so far.

If you are interested in one of these special girls, please send me a note.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Yes.  I want to go.

I spent some time trying to figure out how to make it work this year.  However with a still-new-job, I did not have enough accrued vacation to allow the time away.  It's a 3-day drive to NYC from Alpacamundo + 3 days in NYC = ~9 days away, traveling across the US in the winter.

Even if I had enough vacation, we knew we would still have puppies at home, and as much fun as they are, they require a certain amount of attention.

So we decided not to go to Westminster this year and went to the much closer (1 hour away) Rocky Mountain Cluster and made plans to watch Westminster on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

We don't have cable TV, so did not have the code to watch online either.  What a bummer to have to wait.  But we did see the breed judging and group judging later online and followed the live results on Facebook.

I'm delighted by the judge's choice for the TM Best of Breed.  He is a top ranked dog, not overly-coated, well put together, and is often owner-handled.  While he was not owner-handled at the Westminster show, the owner was in the ring with another one of her dogs.  What an exiting moment for her!

This gives me hope that Gunnar and I could do well at a show like Westminster.  Hopefully we'll be able to go next year.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dog Show: Denver Cluster, 2015

Gunnar's first show as a Champion of Record was in Denver over President's Day weekend.  It's five days of shows, we entered four.

I took an extra day off from work to do his grooming myself... it was a lovely day so we did it outside, but not before Gunnar had a little fun of his own on my grooming table...

Fortunately he did not doo what he looks like he is dooing, but he does enjoy a good joke.  ;-)

He also enjoys performing in the ring, but he loves socializing and invited nearly everyone he saw to talk to him. 

He got to play with a very, pretty Newfoundland puppy.

Tried to steal a couple of stuffed puppies from the kids he met. 

Saw his brother, Ferdie, and auntie, Dixie.  As well as his breeder and a few more human and canine friends.

He did not take a bath in the washroom.

He did try to convince me that he should be my copilot one evening.

And he is delighted to be back with his pack, alpacas and puppies.

We entered four of the five days. He won Select Dog each of those days and is well on his way to a Grand Championship.