Friday, July 27, 2018

Fiber Arts Friday: Tour de Fleece 2018, part 4

I started this week with ~ 9 1/4 oz to go.

Friday, July 20th

Day 13

Saturday, July 21st

Day 14

Sunday, July 22nd

Day 15

Monday, July 23rd - Rest

Tuesday, July 24th

Day 16

Wednesday, July 25th - Challenge

When I embarked upon this tour, I thought that my challenge should be to ply everything that has been spun thus far.

The idea being that I could ensure the yarn planned for the county fair entry was completed in plenty of time to wash and dry.  The drop off window is 1 week from yesterday.

So this morning I caked the third single.  The largest cake was spun prior to the TdF starting.  The second cake was made last week and the top was from this morning.

plying clockwise

It's been several weeks since I broke my index finger, so I've been using the splint less frequently.  This morning was the first time I used my index finger for spinning since it was broken.  It was quite nice being able to use it. :-)

Not only did I begin plying this morning, but I finished plying as well.  I used up both of the smaller cakes.  There is about 3/8 oz left on the largest cake... and about 9 oz of prepared fiber still to spin.

Skein #1 = ~2 oz, 20 wpi, 164 yds

Thursday, July 26th

Began single #4... started in the correct, counter-clockwise, opposite direction.

Day 18

With just a few days remaining in this year's Tour de Fleece and the Fair drop-off window on Tuesday, it feels great having my entry just about ready to go.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

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