Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Farmer's Market

My love affair with the Farmer's Market began the summer I lived in Boulder.  I was in college, staying with my parents.  We would walk along the creek path to the Farmer's Market.

There was wonderful produce, fresh bread and cut flowers.  There was fresh coffee and places for breakfast.  Everyone seemed so happy.  What a tremendous way to live I thought.

A lot of life has happened between now and then and I continued to frequent Farmer's Markets.

Today, we have our own farm with a decent  sized garden.  Hubba and I go back and forth between thinking about having a booth and relishing the fact that we are just able to enjoy it.

Especially since dogs are allowed at Farmer's Markets in Colorado and it's great socializing for the puppies.

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Ruth said...

Ours has headed inside for the winter here, but the outdoor ones welcome dogs too. I enjoy going but generally don't make it as often as I'd like due to scheduling.