Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fort Collins Farmer's Market

Saturday was opening day for the Larimer County Farmer's Market in Fort Collins.

Hubba and I love the Boulder Farmer's Market, but it's a little far to go on a regular basis and we had herd the Fort Collins market was pretty good.

We were not disappointed.  This market is smaller than the Boulder market, but there was a good variety of everything you would expect to see at a Farmer's Market.

Fort Collins was less crowded than Boulder.  I'm sure it will become more busy as we move into summer since this was the first day of the market.

I love shopping at Farmer's Markets because you have a chance to speak with each of the growers about their product.  The food is fresher because it's local and you're supporting local and small businesses directly.

We came home with honey, strawberries, beets, bread, mushrooms, cherry cider and a source for local, organic, free-range turkey and chicken.

We've been looking for fresh turkey since we moved back to Colorado, so the poultry source is huge.  We ate a lot of fresh turkey when we lived in New Mexico and have been missing it a lot over the last year.
The other thing I noticed was that many of the vendors accept food stamps which I think is fantastic.

Happy Summer.

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