Saturday, July 31, 2010

One Small Change: Prepare a Garden

Checking in on Earlier Small Changes:
I finally exhausted the conventional shampoo from my May Change and am using more natural products for both my shampoo and conditioner.

While I was looking for more natural shampoos and conditioners, I found a couple of body lotions that I am also trying out.

As far as my June and July Changes.... time and weed management.  Things have been going pretty well.  I think the salt is finally starting to make a difference in the parking area and the blocking of my time has also been working pretty well.  Of course these things are a continual pursuit.

August Change:
Last April I had grand plans of preparing a garden to be ready for planting by Mother's Day.  When I realized that was just not going to happen, I decided I would have it ready to go before the snow flies so it could spend all winter incorporating our yummy alpaca manure.

So the time has come.... some of our other projects are complete and I have a lot of digging to do.  My goal for August is to begin to prepare our garden area so we can plant veggies next spring.

One Small Change


Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

This last month I've been making my own facial products and am quite pleased with the results. I'm a little cautious about doing the same for my hair though. Something about that scares me more, LOL! I would love to hear more about the natural products you are trying!

Hip Mountain Mama said...

yay for veggie gardens! Have fun getting it going!