Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Landing does not equal Arriving

Last week I got stuck on an airplane.

The flight attendants were very proud that we landed 30 minutes early.

Yes, landing early is necessary for arriving early and it's a good thing when I can get off the plane early.  But, because we were early our gate was not available.  Which means we waited in a holding area a short distance from our gate.

The Captain said the other plane would be pushing back soon so we should only have to wait a few minutes.

Then a storm came through.

The ramp employees can not be on the tarmac when there is lightning in the area.  I don't disagree with that, but it meant the other plane did not push back and we stayed in the waiting area.

We waited for an hour just a short distance from the gate.

We landed 30 minutes early, but arrived 30 minutes late.

The airline sent an email the next day apologizing for the situation which I appreciated.  They also sent a voucher toward future travel which I also appreciated.  I fly this airline a lot and feel they are the best domestic carrier out there.


My point is this... it happens a little more than occasionally where we land early and arrive late.

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