Sunday, August 15, 2010

Great Customer Service

Earlier today we had a power surge.

I noticed only because my computer screen changed slightly and then the garage door opened on it's own.  Which really freaked me out.

After the dog and I checked it out and verified nothing malicious was going on.  I figured I should accuse our neighbor of pulling a prank on me but he wasn't around.  It was then that I realized our Internet service was out and put the pieces together.

Fortunately with today's technology, I was able to get online with my smart phone and check for known outages.  Nothing was listed.

So I made this tweet.

Within a few minutes Qwest responded

and within an hour they told me what was going on.

I call this great (and I mean GREAT) customer service.

Thanks Qwest.  I do appreciate it.

1 comment:

KD's Korner said...

WOW..I am impressed!!

Keep up the GREAT work QWEST!