Friday, August 13, 2010

Fiber Arts Friday: Plumber Sweater

My neighbor is a plumber.

He saved us when the apple tree broke our sewer right after we moved in. He plows our road and driveway in the winter. He drilled the holes for our corral fence posts. He has been a terrific neighbor.

He said something about liking an alpaca sweater, so I told him I'd hook him up... but it might take me a while.

It has been a while.  I cast on last October and have been working on this sweater in between other projects ever since.

I am using the Cobblestone Pullover pattern by Jared Flood.

I have a couple of more inches to go on the body, then the chest and sleeves.

Hopefully I will be done before it gets cold.

I wonder what else is going on for Fiber Arts Friday, how about you?


Dutch Hollow said...

Oh he is going to love it when it's done! Good color for a guy too.

WonderWhyGal said...

Now that is what I call a Thank You! It will be worth the's looking great!

Kathryn Ray said...

Yeah, well... I can be very nice sometimes. ;-)

jessecreations said...

It looks great! I may eventually have to try to knit that sweater for the Hubby, but we'll see. I'm not sure he's knit-worthy enough. ;)


Kathryn Ray said...

Seriously. If they're not going to appreciate and wear it, there is no (and I mean NO!) reason to spend the effort (and time) knitting someone a sweater... let alone the money for a commercial yarn (which this is) or time and money for roving and hand spun.

... Well, there we go, my "not nice" side is coming out. I blame @KnitwithSnot. ;-)

Kathryn Ray said...

@JessCreations it's actually a very easy knit so far... kind of like a giant hat in the round. Only knit and purl stitches. The only thing I'm nervous about is joining the sleeves.

Teresa said...

Fantastic sweater! But he sounds like a fantastic neighbor, too. :D


Ellen said...

So nice!
Glad to hear it's taken you a while to get your sweater done. I started a Jared Flood pattern, Smokin', over a year ago but I am back into it and hopefully finishing it by the time sweater weather rolls around again.

AllyB said...

I've been working on a sweater for my husband for almost 2 years...or maybe longer, LOL. Keep plugging away and you'll get it done eventually. The yarn is very nice.

maya | springtree road said...

ooh! i hope you'll show pics when you're done. i have that pattern & want to make it for R, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Siga said...

Wow, I bet he'll have no problem with fixing your fences for the rest of his life. :)
Cobblestone is a great pattern for a guy.