Sunday, August 8, 2010

Things that Work: Citronella Candle

It's true.  Citronella candles work.

I assume we have mosquitoes because we live near lakes and irrigated farm land.  But since we don't have screen doors (yet) or enough ceiling fans (yet) we have been getting mosquitoes in the house.  Blech.

I got this citronella candle so we could have dinner on the back patio overlooking the alpacas.

Then the other night, we had mosquitoes in the bedroom and I was trying to sleep.  So I brought the citronella candle inside and slept a peaceful, candle-lit night.

This candle does not have the strong citronella smell, but it still keeps the mosquitoes away.

Citronella candles definitely work.

1 comment:

Jb said...

Ugh...mosquitos in the bedroom biting your arse while you are sound asleep and completely unaware that you need to be defending yourself! We're on the way out the door to go camping in about an hour...thanks for the reminder...hubby is retrieving the citronella candle from the basement "as we speak".