Tuesday, November 17, 2015

LGDs at Play

Here is the video (hopefully) of Wonton and Gunnar that I've been wanting to share.  I took it about a week ago.

I like it for two reasons: it shows that a working dog's life is not all work, and it shows Gunnar being respectful of Wonton's position as the leader of the pack.

I just recently put these two back together since all of the older girls are now past their season for the year.  Noodle is back to mentoring Miles and Wonton is back to helping Gunnar bring up the puppies.

Wonton has had a hand (er paw) in raising each of our younger dogs.  She is the pack leader, without question.  She does not put up with shenanigans and all of the other dogs defer to her leadership.

Wonton and Gunnar are a great team.  So to see them playing together is a treat.  It tells me that she's happy to back with him and that she trusts him.

While watching the video you'll see that even though he is bigger, he is submissive and a little bit flirty.  She is altered, so no puppies will be coming from this pair.  ;-)

At one point Wonton lays down and Gunnar is not sure how to be lower than her.

Later he anticipates her jumping up but she does not go as high as expected.  So he briefly has his front leg over her neck, quickly fixes it and pauses until she resumes being playful.

ETA: I am able to view this video after publishing.  It was added with the Blogger icon and was not viewable in draft mode.  Yesterday's video was viewable in draft mode.

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Farmer Liz said...

yay it worked! Love that big bushy tail :) They look so happy when they play...