Saturday, November 21, 2015


My pancakes were legendary when we lived in New Mexico.  Thick, fluffy, buttermilk pancakes.  We had a gas stove and I loved cooking on it.

Here in NoCO, I have a smooth-topped electric stove.

6 years later I've figured out how to cook most things on the electric stove, but not pancakes.

I've tried different skillets and fats but the pancakes are not legendary.  Or perhaps they are just legendary at the other end of the spectrum.... burnt and raw at the same time or if I'm lucky, not raw but still burnt.

Clearly my temperature is too high but the electric stove takes so (sooo) long to change temperature.  Ugh.


Linda said...

So NOT a fan of electric cooking. None of my cooking is legendary but electric makes it worse, LOL!

Ruth said...

Never worked on an electric stove, so I'm not much help there. Can you use cast iron on an electric stove? That at least would hold the heat better allowing you to work at a lower temp.