Sunday, November 8, 2015


There are few things I dislike more than shopping.  Going back to a store to return something that is not what it's supposed to be is one of them.

I bought a couple of de-icers at one of our local farm stores.  From the box, there is a wire shield around the electrical cable and the second bullet from the bottom states "Heavy Duty Anti-chew Protector."

That's what I need since sweet baby Nobu killed one of my existing de-icers. (No, it was not plugged in.)

So... when I opened the box, look what I found.


Part of me thought "Fine!  I'll set it up.  Nobu will kill it.  Then I'll take it back."

Fortunately a cooler head prevailed and when I was near a different farm store the next day, I picked up these.  The second to last bullet says "Heavy duty cord protector to deter chewing."

When I opened the box, I actually found a "Heavy duty cord protector to deter chewing."

We actually bought the second brand last year after we went down the same road with Mochi.  Here it is with Miles... still working.

Now to go return the first brand. sigh.

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