Monday, April 30, 2012

Yoga Still

I was thinking as I published my last post about my yoga practice that I have been saying that my pain continues to improve.  But I haven't really shared what that means.

When I re-started my yoga practice at the beginning of February, I had continual pain in my shoulder, wrist, thumb, hip, back and knee... all on the right side.  As I began this month, I only had occasional pain in my hip/back as well as an aching in my wrist/thumb and ankle.

The wrist/thumb is due primarily to my excessive computer use and a fondness for knitting.  The ankle is due to old recreational basketball and soccer injuries.  The back/hip is due to a work-related injury when I was in high school.  As my flexibility and strength continue to improve, I expect these will too.

It's only been a few months and a compound of injuries plus too many hours of being crammed in an airplane and driving a computer is just going to take more time to repair.  That being said, I had an amazing transition earlier this month... I somehow went from feeling fatigued as class neared the end to feeling more energized.  It's really quite an amazing feeling.  :-)

I also realized when I was doing all of my garden preparations this last month that while my back and hip still hurt after a full day of physical labor, I am recovering much more quickly.  I think that must mean I am becoming more fit.  :-)

Yay for yoga!


MarmePurl said...

YAY for Yoga!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

I know I'm definitely noticing a difference between doing yoga three - four times a week to now my once a week. I really need to pick up a few DVDs I've been eyeing to make up for the classes I can't attend with the new schedule. Although at the moment I'm not certain there is a place to do yoga at home... That darn flood! Grr!

I'm so glad it is working well for you!