Monday, March 26, 2012

Refining My Yoga Practice

Over the last month I have been focused on refining my new yoga practice.

I love the ritual of Bikram Yoga.  It's the same every time, but it's different within that structure.

The order is the same.  The postures are the same but how I am able to perform them is different for each class.  I think this sameness is a useful tool for gauging how I'm improving.

It's dependent upon how I slept, whether I'm properly hydrated or nourished and how well I am able to leave my "stuff at the door."  That being said, I have experienced a lot of improvement in my postures over the last month.

I have seen that some foods (bacon) are not good for yoga day.  Much like when I was a regular runner and learned that something with green chile (one of the world's most divine foods, right behind chocolate) is probably not the best choice for a pre-workout meal either.  ;-)

My pain, strength, flexibility and mental calmness continue to improve and my class days are pretty well set now.  Although, I missed both classes last week.  :-/  That's something to focus on for April, I suppose.  ;-)

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