Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Amazing Weather

The weather has been amazingly nice.

It will probably become an issue because the lakes never fully froze over this winter and they certainly won't now that winter is waning.  The good news though is that we've had a lot of snow and March is typically our snowiest month.  We even have a little snow in the forecast this week, but in the meantime, it's practically spring.

Sunday had us in the mid 50's by mid-morning and the low-60's by the afternoon.

I had thoughts of wearing shorts out to do the farm chores.  But opted for jeans, summer boots and a short-sleeved t-shirt.

After doing the regular weekend chores, I added a few wheel-barrows of alpaca manure to our young trees

and cleaned the remaining weeds out of the veggie garden.

I don't think you can see in the second photo, but the ground is quite soft and now full of my foot prints.  I may be able to start digging in that huge pile of manure next weekend.

I was also pleased to notice that the Little Maple is preparing to bud.  I was concerned about this little guy, but it seems to be doing ok.  :-)

I got the slightest bit of a sunburn on my neck and was covered in dirt by the time I was finished.  It sure felt good.

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Via Verde Farm said...

Hurray for warmer weather. You made me realize how much I have to do on my farm!!