Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Last weekend my BFF and I went to a few Consignment and Antique Stores.  We had a general idea of the sort of things we were looking for, but neither of us had been to these stores so we had no idea what we might find.

Normally, I don't enjoy shopping, but there's something about used items that I love and, well... when I find wonderful things that MUST come home with me, then it's a whole lot more fun.  :-D

I'm so excited about these items, that I had to share...

First, a couple of jars and a canister.

The canister is, in fact, called a Fresh-O-lator.  I assumed people put things like lettuce in them to keep it in the refrigerator, like those fresh-keeper bags you can buy today.  But a little research indicates it was intended for storing coffee.  I am using it to store corn meal.

The blue jar is reminiscent of the big green jar that used to belong to my Grandmother and it's few siblings that I found on another thrifting adventure years ago.  Though it is much more fancy.  ;-)

I just went gaga over the red jar.  I hadn't seen anything like it before.

Don't my new jars look happy with my old ones?  They have replaced a couple of uninspired jars that were holding pinto beans and lentils.

My other amazing find is this cedar chest.

The shop owners are converting from a consignment furniture store to a restaurant and will only be open for a couple more weeks, so the price... well, I won't tell you, but I was given a VERY good deal.

According to the original tags, the chest was built prior to January 1957.  It has a little damage to the veneer, but wow it's in amazing shape... and looks awesome in front of my sofa.  :-)

My BFF and I found it to be quite funny that we've been friends for ages, we both enjoy Thrifting but didn't know that about each other until a few weeks ago.  So now we're making plans for our next adventure.  :-)


MarmePurl said...

love love love love love those jars.

Melissa Plank said...

Oh wow, I think I'm just as excited about the jars/canister as you are, those are fabulous! And the cedar chest has some great lines, I love that it's footed, it looks great! Lovin the thrift finds, great post!

Alittlebitsheepish said...

Fantastic finds!

Margaret said...

That is so cool....LOVE the fact that you're giving those beauties new life!!!