Sunday, April 15, 2012

Photo Limit :-(

Apparently I've reached my limit to upload photos to Blogger.  :-/

It runs through the motions of uploading a photo, then "Whoops! You're out of space."

1GB is allowed for free.  I can buy more, but then have to wait 24 hours to ensure the memory has been applied to my account.  What I can not find is how much memory I've actually used.

Does anyone know how to look up how much memory has actually been used on a blogger account?

Thanks for your help.  :-)


city garden country garden said...

How terrible! I know that all the photos on your blog are stored in Picasa Web Albums and I think it shows you there how large the storage file is. You might be able to go in there and delete some of the really old photos out of it and therefore get yourself more space (only a theory)? To get in there I googled "picasa web albums" while I was signed into my bog and it went straight into it. Good luck!

city garden country garden said...

Woops! I meant I was signed into my BLOG!!!

Kathryn Ray said...

Thanks. I see that the 1GB is shared with Picasa but I don't have a Picasa account. I doubled checked just to be sure.

I always upload from my computer.

So I'm still at a loss. :-/

WonderWhyGal said...

I pay the extra each year because I am a photo hungry freak. I know that it does show somewhere how much I've used but I can't remember where and I know it's not easy to find.

I also have a Picasa web album.

AllyB said...

It's a conglomeration of all the Google (including Blogger & Picasa)sources you use for photo storage. I pay the $5 or whatever it is per year gladly. I enjoy going back through my blog and seeing how much things have changed around here at Chez B.

Kathryn Ray said...

Apparently I do have a Picasa account... the usage is listed at the bottom of the first page when you log in.

It's clearly an auto-generated account because the photo organization doesn't make any sense.

Chez said...

Interesting, I must look into this too.

Shadow Byrd said...

It's just as easy to use a free place, such as photobucket, and just link to the pictures via a tiny bit of coding. And you don't even have to do the coding, photobucket gives you the direct link to a picture and blogger asks for that url to insert the picture. No storage fees, over limits, easy peasy.