Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I've been thinking a lot about my passions lately.

That sounds kind of funny... but I think if you don't spend some time thinking about where you are with what you want to do, eventually you're only doing what you HAVE to do and never what you WANT to do.

My passions mostly center around farming, ranching, alpacas, dogs, making things and being outside.  I do none of these things as part of my Day Job, but I do like my Day Job.

So my goal was to figure out why I like it and change the language in my head from how I'm not doing the above mentioned passionate things into I am doing something I enjoy.

After some contemplation, I figured out that I am doing a lot of teaching, mentoring and problem solving.  All of which I enjoy greatly.

So maybe it doesn't matter that the teaching, mentoring and problem solving have nothing to do with farming, ranching, alpacas, dogs, making things or being outside.  It does matter that I am helping people understand things, solving some of their problems, helping them figure out how to solve their own problems and building individual, professional relationships with each of the people I am working with.

This I have a passion for.

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Amanda said...

I love this post - deep, but not long and over the top like lots of blogs do with this sort of topic. I totally relate to the issue at hand...and love that the solution wasn't a "fix" so much as an adjustment of your outlook to some degree. I need to do the same.