Friday, December 28, 2012

Have I Mentioned that I Like Hats?

With several Fibery Bloggers posting about their project count recently, I became curious about mine.

I didn't feel that I had been very productive, but frankly productivity is not my goal.  I'm much more interested in improving my skills and understanding construction.  However this has been a crazy year and I have felt heavily-loaded for most of it.  So my fibery projects have primarily been simple and relaxing.

I decided it would be interesting (perhaps only to me) to take an objective view of 2012.  Many thanks to Ravelry for making this possible.  :-)

As if I didn't know this already, I like hats....

Only six hand-knit projects were completed in 2012 and every, single, one of them was a hat.  Hubba's Christmas Hat will make seven, but technically it is not completed as of this moment.
Note: there are only four patterns used across seven hats... how's that for keeping things simple this year?
I have six projects In Progress.

Two projects are officially Hibernating.

However, the truth is that three of my WIPs have not had any attention in quite a while, so essentially that makes five in Hibernation.

I officially Frogged three knit projects.  There were a few more that didn't even make it to the Ravelry Project Page.  I'm pretty certain that the two in Official Hibernation will also be Frogged.

I did spin 11 skeins of yarn in 2012 though, so that's something.  ;-)

The Wonder Why Gal had asked about Fibery Goals for 2013... at this point they are (1) to skirt enough raw alpaca fiber to send to the mill and (2) to re-finish the floor in the basement so that I can set up my loom.  I would also like to have the fortitude to tackle more complex projects, but at this point that's just a wish, and not a goal.

Happy New Year!


oak haven alpacas said...

You are so good about keeping up to date on Ravelry! I almost always forget to update there, so it's not a good way for me to track anything :(


Gracey is not my name.... said...

I like hats too..and I mostly just make a basic crochet hat that II modify as I go.....

Vivian said...

But you have the major sweater remake project which should count as at least three projects, and spinning most definitely counts too!

Cathy said...

You do make beautiful hats! I love your spinning too, particularly that skein of alpaca/tussah silk blend, it's divine. One of my new year resolutions is to improve my spinning.
Happy New Year!

WonderWhyGal said...

You still have a lot of projects especially when you think about the amount of work you do. I must say that since I changed jobs, I don't get as many projects done as I would like.