Tuesday, December 25, 2012

More Camera Fun

Hubba, Noodle and I took a short road trip to Estes Park for a very chilly walk near the lake.

Foggy Ridge, Big Thompson Canyon

Big Horn Sheep - pretty sure this was a mother-daughter pair

Noodle loves the snow

Saying Hello

My favorite shot from the day.

No trip to Estes Park is complete without the Stanley Hotel

I'm really enjoying getting to know my new camera.  :-)


Practical Frog said...

Ooooooo! Like the new camera and all that snow!!!! Arent the alpaca's cold?? Is that snow on their backs? I've cooled down just looking at the photos! Enjoy the snow - its 30 degrees and raining here! - Kxx

Kathryn Ray said...

Yes, snow on the alpaca's backs. But they're not cold... they're wearing a full alpaca coat. ;-)

Actually when you reach into the fleece, it's quite warm and toasty near the skin.

The snow is an insulator, trapping air in the fleece... as long as they don't get wet near the skin, they are very warm.

30C Sounds quite lovely. :-)

Spinster Beth said...

Lovely photos! Glad you got a new camera :-)

AllyB said...

Great photos Kathryn! My son and DIL stayed at the Stanley on one of their Colorado vacations and loved it. Your pooches look like they're having a great time in the snow.