Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LGD: Poop

Much like new parents of human children, the topics of Hubba's and my conversations include a lot of poop.

Did the puppies poop?  Who's pooped and who still needs to poop.  Where the poop is located.  How big the poop is.  Yep, we've been talking a lot of poop around here lately.

I remember talking about it a lot when the crias were born last fall as well.  I suppose it's one of those things you pay attention to when new little ones join the family.  It's a key indicator.  It tells you if things are functioning correctly or something needs attention.

You'll be happy to know that everything is working just as it should be here on the Alpacamundo farm.  :-)

I also asked our vet about why dogs eat poop.  His answer was that it's just one of those things that dogs do.  As long as they're not eating their own poop and only eating herbivore's poop (alpaca, cattle, horse) it's probably not a big deal other than we think it's gross.

So that means the puppies have been sampling the alpacas poop and Hubba and I aren't getting mad about it.  :-/  It also means that the puppies have found the composting manure pile and discovered that a dried out clump of alpaca poop is perfectly awesome for playing keep-away with.

Noodle and Wonton sharing a drink of water

Of course I can't leave you without sharing a photo of the girls, but it's not a picture with poop because that would be gross.

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Voie de Vie said...

Yes, thanks for leaving us with the non-gross photo. :)

And dogs playing with poop: cats can be the same way.