Sunday, March 27, 2011

Introducing: KayaKyi Bala

It's no secret that I am head-over-heals-in-love with our LGD Puppy, Wonton.

She has been so easy.  Honestly, she's been the easiest puppy Hubba and I have ever had.  Ever!  A big part I'm sure is the fact that she was 12 weeks old when she came home with us.  The litter-mates and momma teach them a lot between 6 and 12 weeks of age.

Anyway, the intention has always been that The Alpaca Dog would return to his throne in the house once Wonton moved in with the alpacas.  Also that Wonton would eventually have a partner to work with when guarding the alpacas.

Hubba and I have decided to move the partnership up and have brought in Wonton's half-sister.

KayaKyi Bala is one week younger than Wonton.

She came from the same breeder, KayaKyi Tibetan Mastiffs.  Her parents are CH Ayyangadoo Guyuk Khan (aka Bentley) and Kesang Camp's China Doll.

Her fancy name is KayaKyi Bala but we will be calling her Noodle.  Yes, it's true.  We like to name our animals after food.  :-)

Noodle on the left and Wonton on the right

Noodle and Wonton became fast friends and have been chasing and wrestling ever since.

Noodle leads Wonton in a race around the yard

Wonton has Noodle pinned in one of many wrestling matches

As with Wonton, we will take time to introduce Noodle to the alpacas to make sure everyone is comfortable with each other, but the alpacas don't seem too concerned about her at this time.

It hasn't even been 24 hours yet, but Noodle is settling in just fine.  :-)

Our Breeder has a few more puppies available, most of which are suitable for pets and show.  So if you just can't stand the cuteness and need a TM for yourself, give them a call.


Spinster Beth said...

They're adorable! And so are the alpacas, staring nonchalantly out of their fence.

Halfpint said...

Oooooh, so much cute i might explode. Now I have twice the puppy jealousy!

Voie de Vie said...

Talk about needed the adorable button. But when will you get Fortune Cookie? :)

Kathryn Ray said...

@VdV - we are planning to get a male next year, so perhaps his name will be Fortune Cookie. ;-)

no spring chicken said...

Beautiful pups! Congratulations...

Teje said...

Hello Kathryn! Oh how I have so many posts...your two puppies are so wonderful! You're very right that it's better for them to be with their mom till 10-12 weeks age. I can see the difficulties with ours when they have been separated very early.
Your knitting group sounds so great and fun - I wish I could join!
Have a wonderful weekend! Teje