Saturday, March 5, 2011

Introducing: KayaKyi Annapurna

Hubba and I picked up our Livestock Guardian Puppy yesterday.  She is a 12-week old Tibetan Mastiff.

She's a big girl and quite a lot bigger than when we saw her about a month ago.

Yesterday was all about making sure she had a safe and uneventful ride home as well as a smooth introduction to The Alpaca Dog.

We had been telling him for weeks that we were going to get him a sister, but it certainly didn't set in until now.

They took a little time getting to know each other and were playing before too long.

We did not formally introduce the puppy and the alpacas.  We decided they should watch the doggie introductions and take some time to get comfortable with the idea of another dog around first.

Our breeder is KayaKyi Tibetan Mastiffs.  Our puppy's fancy name is KayaKyi Annapurna.  We are calling her Wonton.


Halfpint said...

She is so gorgeous, the giant paws are fantastic

Spinster Beth said...

You have alpacas and a puppy. I want to come live with you!

Its_Lily said...

I love the pic of the alpacas lined up by the fence checking out the new addition to the family. She/he's a cutie - wonton, what a great name.

Oak Haven Alpacas said...

How cute!!!


Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

What a cutie pie! And how is it going so far?