Sunday, September 12, 2010

Potty Training

As an alpaca breeder, I often tell my friends that one of the big benefits of raising alpacas over other livestock is that they use a community poop pile.

It's true, all of the alpacas eliminate in the same place.  They even wait their turn if the pile is "occupied."  Alpacas are very polite.

It turns out another benefit to raising alpacas is the speed of potty training.

On the first day, Apple was eliminating where ever she happened to be.  I was just happy that all of her bodily functions were working properly.  But I noticed her mom give one of those mom looks.  I decided to take note of how long it would take for Apple to conform to the group norm.

On the second day, Apple was attempting to use the pile.  She completely missed it, but was in the general area.

On days three and four her aim was still a little off and she hadn't entirely got the idea of waiting her turn, but she was doing better every time.

Yesterday, day five, I observed her hit the pile and wait her turn.

Yes, speed of potty-trained is definitely a benefit to raising alpacas.


Oak Haven Alpacas said...

I agree! It's great that the moms take care of it all.

We had on alpaca who came to our farm with her mom when she was around 9 months old. Instead of putting her butt over the poop pile, she would put her face there, and her butt stuck out, away from the poop pile. She would poop near, but not IN the poop pile. It was very annoying. I don't know if she ever did straighen out, she has moved onto another farm. Then her younger brother did the same thing. The next two cria from that mother have not done that. I don't know, maybe the mom finally got the training right.


Inspiration Fibers said...

Oh how I wish it was that easy with humans!!!

Kathryn Ray said...

Cara - that is very funny, I'm glad the momma got it all worked out too.