Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thoughts on Garden Hoses

There are two basic rules for purchasing garden hoses.

1.  No matter what length you buy, it will be at least 10 feet too short.
2.  You get what you pay for.

The combination of rule #1 and the fact that we do not have a sprinkler system or water to our corrals means I have three instances of no less than two garden hoses linked together.  Which means with all of the garden hose buying I was doing this past spring and summer, I started trying to save a few dollars.

The most recent, and coincidentally the least expense garden hose I purchased is the perfect example of rule #2.  It stretches when I drag it around the property.  It stretches and stretches but will not move until I give up and go pick it up in the center.  It kinks up instantaneously and continues to kink as I release existing kinks.  If it's possible to hate an inanimate object, I hate this hose.  Then last weekend, I noticed this...

The hose will have a big hole in it very soon.  I've had it about four months, which does not make a very smart purchase, in my opinion.

So from now on, I will be purchasing those heavy duty black rubber hoses.  I have a couple.  They are definitely worth the few extra dollars.  They are easy to drag around the property and they never kink up.


Jb said...

I feel your hatred...I'm always grumbling about how to store the dang thing! It seems impossible to store a hose in a way that it doesn't tangle! I think it's some kind of conspiracy.

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