Thursday, September 30, 2010

One Small Change: Putting Up Fruit, part 2

This last month has been quite fun... my goal was to learn how to put up apples since we have an apple tree on our new place.

I have made and canned apple butter and apple sauce and frozen apple slices.

Initially I was unsure how to execute the canning process.  The instructions that came with the jars said to follow the instructions in the recipe and the recipes said to follow the instructions that came with the jars.  So my first attempt did not result in sealed jars.  Fortunately it was a small batch of apple butter and we had a few people willing to eat it up.  :-)

Eventually, I found this website with canning instructions and everything moved smoothly after that.

While working on my third batch, I realized I was reading the kilogram scale rather than the pound scale, so my sauce and butters are a little tart.  :-)

My brother-in-law and neighbors also gifted us a bunch of summer squash and tomatoes which I combined with our green chile and turned into calabacitas.

We have a few more squash, quite a lot of apples still on the tree and another huge bag of apples some friends gave us, so I will continue freezing and canning into October.

Regarding my garden: again I have not made progress.  We realized there is a cable coming down from a utility pole that goes underground to our neighbor's house and one of our out buildings.  So I will be calling to have all of the utilities marked before we do any digging.

One Small Change

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