Friday, December 3, 2010

Fiber Arts Friday: Plumber Sweater, part 5

As I mentioned last time, this was my first trip down the body-to-sleeve joining road.

I added life lines.  Carefully read and re-read the instructions.  Then joined the sleeves to the body of my Plumber Sweater...

...and it was no big deal.

I have now successfully created a few short rows too.  They were actually quite easy.  This video from Knitpicks was helpful in describing the wrap and pickup.

This sweater is officially the largest item I've ever knitted... I'm up to skein #8 of 12.

As of today, I have completed the first decrease, so I feel like I might actually finish this project one day.  I only have about 7 inches to go.  :-)

I am travelling over the next couple of weeks and the sweater is now too big to come along.  Which means the progress will slow down a lot, but I am very happy to be this far.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday and Happy December.  Please head over to Wisdom Begins in Wonder to see some great fiber arts.


Dutch Hollow said...

Wow great progress! You've come along so far from your first post on it. I can't wait to see the finished product.

Have safe travels this holiday seaon.

Allison said...

Looking good! Video tutorials have often saved many of my knitting projects!

jessecreations said...

Hooray, it looks great! Everyone's knitting sweaters. I need to jump on that bandwagon. :)

Inspiration Fibers said...

Looks wonderful! You've inspired me to get to a project I just keep thinking about and not getting to: replacing my favorite brown sweater. It was pretty basic, great to throw on and go anywhere, easy to knit, wonderful yarn, yadda, yadda, and then it caught on fire. Yup fire.
I think the pattern you're using would make a great replacement.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Yay! You are just growing by leaps and bounds with this project!

Knot By Gran'ma said...

It is so pretty! Your progress has been inspiring to watch on this one... You're making sweaters not such a scary knit project for me. Yay!

WonderWhyGal said...

Great job! Yes, seven inches does seem like it's attainable after all the knitting you've done. You can do it. I know what you mean about not taking it for travel. It's a carry on all by itself.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

Kathryn Ray said...

Thanks all.

It's really been an easy project... very much like a big hat. A very big hat. So I think it's more about determination than anything. Maybe I should change it's name to my Determination Sweater. lol.

@Inspiration Fibers - your favorite sweater caught on fire??

AllyB said...

I really like the color of your sweater and that is a great pattern. Can't wait to see it modeled. I know you can do it!