Friday, November 26, 2010

Fiber Arts Friday: Plumber Sweater, part 4

When last we checked in on the Plumber Sweater, the second sleeve was in progress.

This time, both sleeves are complete and the same length.  Yay!

I am preparing to join them to the body of the sweater.

This is my first time down the sweater-to-sleeve joining road, and we know that sometimes I don't read instructions very well.  So, I plan to take my time and make sure I really understand what I'm supposed to do next.  Perhaps I should add life-lines now...

Also, I'm a little nervous because I saw that short rows are coming up and I haven't done those before either.  Yep, I will definitely go add those life-lines now.

It's a good thing that I have a football game coming up this afternoon.  I can usually make a lot of progress during a football game.  By the way, I hope CU does well against Nebraska.  It's been a tough year, so one can always hope. ;-)

If you're state-side, I hope your Thanksgiving weekend is wonderful.  If you're elsewhere, I hope your weekend is wonderful too.

Be sure to increase the probability of wonderfulness by heading over to Wisdom Begins in Wonder because it is Fiber Arts Friday.


Melissa Plank said...

This is looking nice, lovely job!

WonderWhyGal said...

Gorgeous! I can't wait to see the sleeves attached. You will do great. I was just asking a pattern writer, this morning at the yarn shop, about using life lines and she just laughed and said she never uses them. She then proceeded to tear out a whole lotta rows on a new lace pattern she is writing. Um, yeah, I vote for life line.

AllyB said...

I love the color of your sweater. Be not afraid of the short rows! I actually enjoy them when I'm working socks, they can be so magical. Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

Kathryn Ray said...

LOL! I think life lines are a necessary tool. Although I haven't used them very much.

In this case
* it would be a pain to rip it back, then
* put all of those stiches in the right configuration back on the needles, AND
* it's taken me more than a year to get this far

The life lines are going in.

And, I'm headed to youtube to get some bearings on the short rows.

Anonymous said...

A sweater, how awesome! I can't wait to see it next week! :)