Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fiber Arts Friday: Socks for Me

After finishing my Replacement Hat in early July, I only had my Palindrome Scarf and Alpaca Cape left on the needles.  Both are big and warm.  So with it being July... a mild one, but still it was July, I wanted to work on something smaller.

I had 3 false starts with the last pair of socks I tried to make for myself, so I decided to go with Sock it to Me.  It's a simple, toe-up pattern.  I have successfully made it twice for Hubba and I have two skeins of a Bamboo+Merino+Silk yarn.

I figured this is exactly what I needed.

9 sts per inch is way too big

Insert expletive here!

I had already ripped them out twice before the above photo was taken. First for not following directions and second for gauge.  Both times I re-checked my gauge and measurements, but when I knit Hubba's version I used 8 sts per inch instead of the nearly 9 sts I am getting.

So I ripped them out a third time... knitting the same gauge, but using 8 sts per inch for the math.  It's still not correct.  :-/

8 sts per inch is still too big

I don't know what I'm going to do.... other than rip it out a fourth time.  :-(

I'm not crazy about the camo effect either, but I like working with the yarn.  I think they would be comfortable socks to wear and I really want a pair of my own hand-knit socks... but *#^%!, this was supposed to be relaxing.... and done by now.  :-P

Make sue to check in with everyone over at Wisdom Begins in Wonder for Fiber Arts Friday, even though it's Saturday.


Chrisknits said...

Don't give up, just reduce your increases. You can do it!

WonderWhyGal said...

ooooh, drats! Socks should be relaxing. They remind me of my Boo socks that took forever to get started. I've never knit toe up, I always go cuff down so I have absolutely no pointers on gauge.

Hopefully you find the magic number and get that gauge working.

Anonymous said...

er, 9 stitches per inch makes a smaller sock than 8 spi. So you need to go down in needle size and get more stitches to the inch to fit them into a smaller diameter sock.

Before you rip, pinch the sock up to the right tightness, and safety pin the sock that size. Take it off and count how many stitches you pinched out. That's how many fewer stitches you need to make a comfortable sock in that yarn at that gauge. :-)

Remember tighter sock gauge will make for longer wearing socks. I've knit socks as tight as 12 spi.