Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dog Show: Evergreen Kennel Club, 2014

Last weekend was the Evergreen Kennel Club Dog Show.

With starting my new Day Job, I hadn't planned on entering this show.  I felt like I needed to do less for a little while.  However, Gunnar did not finish his Championship at the Greeley Show so I decided the two of us should enter.

Then a few days before this show, I found out that I had Gunnar in the wrong age class in Greeley... by 4 days.  So his points did not count.  ugh.  I also learned that I had him entered in the wrong age class for Evergreen too.  Panic ensued.  As soon as I set up, I found the superintendent, filled out some paperwork and got him moved to the correct age class.  whew.

We enjoyed this show a lot.  First, it was just me and Gunnar... so I didn't have to worry about getting two dogs ready for the same ring time.  Second, it's a much smaller show than Greeley... but to be fair, Greeley is a very big show, so most other shows are smaller.  ;-)  The grooming area was more quiet and Gunnar still got to see several of his friends and make a few new ones... which really is his favorite part.  :-)

He won Winner's Dog (WD) and Best of Winners (BOW) both days for a total of 2 points. He now has 2 points to go.

Our next show is toward the end of October.

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Chrisknits said...

He is obviously a very social dog! Look at him being the leader of the pack. Just adorable.