Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dog Show: Greeley Kennel Club, 2014

My how things have changed in a year.

The Greeley Kennel Club Show was my very first dog show in 2013.  Gunnar was just barely 6 months old and likely the youngest dog entered in the entire event.  I was a nervous wreck.  He won his first major on the first day and I could not believe it.

Me and Gunnar in 2013

This year at 18 months, he won his 3rd Major and only needs one point to finish his Championship!

Gunnar today

We also brought Mochi, who was trying to start a new fashion trend with her puppy-coat mane, shoulder pads and wooly britches. ;-)

Her sister was sporting a similar hair do, so I had to confess that she was right to keep her accessories.  ;-)

A good friend of mine helped me handle the dogs in the ring and I could not be more grateful for her help.

The dogs handled well.  Although Mochi (and two of the other girls) deposited commentary in the ring on the first day.

Gunnar and Mochi

Mochi loves being groomed, but did not enjoy the grooming area at the show.

Gunnar's favorite part continues to be meeting people and especially seeing his breeder.  I need to get their meeting on video one day.  :-)

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Chrisknits said...

What sweet pups. Love seeing pics of them. LOL on the commentary.