Friday, September 13, 2013

Fiber Arts Friday: Letting Go or Moving On

After I finished my Forever Wingspan, I spent some time thinking about my shelved and languishing projects... trying to decide which should be finished or turned into something else.  Some are likely to be finished, such as the Acadian Shawl and Awesome Sweater Remake.  Others really should be something else...

First is my Surprise.

I had a vision of this project.  That vision was to be woven.

We've had some issues with the basement that has prevented my loom from being set up.  The last issue is still being resolved but I think we have line-of-sight to the path of final repairs now. *fingers crossed*

I had finished spinning the yarn quite a long time ago and really wanted to start working on the project itself.  But the knitted version was just not doing it for me.  So it was shelved, also a long time ago.

The bottom line is, that even while resting, the knitted version was not gaining any favor in my heart.  So I have taken it apart.

This will eventually become a Woven Surprise.... after the basement work is completed and the loom is set up.  So it will be some time, but I feel better having let go of the knitted path on this one.  ;-)

Second are my Challah Socks.

These have also been resting for quite a long time.  I love the pattern and love the yarn but have had to rip these socks out a few times.  The last being an extra stitch after finishing the heel.  I can't figure out where my mistake is.  It bugs me.  So this yarn is going to be a different pair of socks.

I've made Hubba two pairs of socks and the only pair of hand-knit socks I have were made by Spinster Beth.  I think that's wrong!  I'm a knitter.  I have sock yarn.  I should have more than one pair of hand-knit socks!!

I have a family trip planned in a few months and think these would be a good project to take along.  So the old socks have been frogged and set aside for, hopefully a more successful foray into sock making.

There are a couple of others that may also be frogged too, but there is no current plans for their yarn so they will continue to rest.

We've been getting a little rain around here and haven't seen the sun in a few days.  So I apologize for the quality of my photos... but it is quite impressive to see 6 months worth of rain in 6 hours.  ;-)  For a while they were saying that the Coast Guard was coming to help, but it was the National Guard... a proverbial slip of an official's tongue, I guess.  ;-)

We are fine.  We are far enough from the rivers, creeks and lakes so we've only got some standing water at our place.  But some bridges and roads have been washed out nearby, so I suspect that life as we know it will not be the same for a while.  ;-)

Happy Fiber Arts Friday.


Jocelyn said...

Glad you're ok and hope the weather settles. Good job assessing the WiPs -- I need to do it too...frogging will pave the way to better things, right?

Vivian said...

A knitter definitely deserves her own hand knitted socks. I can't believe you ripped out over 600 stitches cast on, but hey, more time to play with the yarn!

Stay dry!

Carol said...

Socks are a great take along project and I find myself making them when I am stuck on a project and want that instant gratification that you get from making a pair of socks.

Cathy said...

Good to hear you are ok! You are brave to confront those UFOs, something I should be doing...

Andria said...

Agreed that socks are a great take along project. I have one almost done in my "help I'm bored and need to knit" bag that I keep in the car. Stay safe with all that rain, I've been amazed at my Colorado friends pictures.

WonderWhyGal said...

I had forgotten about that black fiber. Yesh! Get that loom going and let it be woven! I felt the same way about socks. My first pair were gifted too. Now I always have a pair that only get knitted at lunch or on drives but they will be mine! mine! mine! Just remember that you are one busy lady and it's not all going to get done right away. Enjoy the time that you do get to be creative.

Voie de Vie said...

Not all who knit make socks. :) Glad you've made some peace with a few of those UFOs.

Do stay dry and safe.