Friday, July 12, 2013

Fiber Arts Friday: Tour de Fleece 2013, part 3

More Tour de Fleece this week.  :-)

Friday, July 5 - Holiday from the Day Job

Today I had a real, honest-to-goodness day off.  We slept in.  I leisurely goofed around on Facebook and Ravelry for a while.  We did some chores around the house but I did not have to be anywhere or do anything for anyone today.  It's been a long time since that happened.

I got word of a bear in a tree nearby so I went to check him out.  It was a young black bear they think had been spooked by the fireworks.  Parks and Wildlife was on site.  They had the area taped off.  He was snoozing while I was there but came down on his own sometime in the night.

After a great day off, I only really spent about 10 minutes spinning,

Saturday, July 6

A trip to the Farmer's Market had me spinning on my very first supported spindle.  No photos, but a lady we met there was spinning a beautiful wool-silk blend for an eventual sock yarn and let me try a little.  :-)

Then we had a day trip with a couple hours in the car, so I spun a Romney Lamb/Alpaca blend while Hubba drove.  This is my first time using my new, super-light spindle.  It was all park-n-draft in the car, but I will get some more time while traveling later this week.

I'm afraid this is my alpaca for the Tour.  I don't have any other prepared alpaca and the only other camelids I have in roving form is llama.

Sunday, July 7

I started the morning with about 15 minutes of spinning cotton today.  It really is a lovely way to begin the day.  :-)

Monday, July 8 - Rest Day

I spun for about 15 minutes today to make up for not spinning on Day 1.

Tuesday, July 9 - Traveling

Travelling today for the Day Job.  It was such a long day but I was able to have dinner with some friends.  So I spun maybe 10 inches of the Romney Lamb/Alpaca blend.  Not a lot, but it counts.  :-)

Wednesday, July 10 - Traveling

Another incredibly long day.  I spun at the MSP airport while waiting for a delayed flight.  A bunch of passengers were upset about the delays, so there were a couple of Police Officers hanging around.  It seems people have forgotten about the "benefits" our modern Hub-and-Spoke air travel system.  :-/

Weather on the East Coast caused Air Traffic Control to hold flights in Chicago.  Our plane was coming from Chicago.  So while Southwest Airlines does not use a Hub-and-Spoke system, they do use Hub airports and are therefore affected by the traffic backups in the Hub-and-Spoke systems.

Then I spun while waiting at the DEN airport for the shuttle to my part of the state.

I did not spin on the plane because I was in the middle seat and didn't think it would be kind to elbow both of my seat-mates for two hours.  I also did not spin on the van because it was way too dark and frankly, by then the only thing I could think about was how anxious I was to see my pillow.

Hubba and the dogs gave me a great welcome home.  I'm pretty sure they love me.  :-)

Thursday, July 11

After the late night, I was able to sleep in a little and spun for about 15 minutes while making coffee before logging on for my first meeting.

I am no longer down a day and I have spun an alpaca blend.  So I'm feeling pretty good about my Tour de Fleece goals so far.  :-)

But last week I spun 1/2 ounce of cotton, this week 1/4 ounce of cotton.  Only 4 3/4 ounces to go.  Yes, there was other fiber involved this week, but I don't think I will finish this wad of cotton before the Tour is over in about 10 days.  ;-)

Happy Fiber Arts Friday.


Julie Petty said...

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Did he come near the alpacas? Kind of scary, but cute picture!

Melissa said...

Must be hard to get in spinning time while traveling even with a drop spindle. I get car sick so every trip I have wasted hours....kind of bums me out.

Voie de Vie said...

The cotton is coming along!!!! Cute wee bear up in the tree - glad he came down on his own after his snooze. :)

Kathryn Ray said...

The bear was about 2 miles from our place. Definitely could be scary. Bears don't come this close very often, but is one reason that we have the Tibetan Mastiffs.

@Melissa - I used to get car sick, but then I had to take the public bus for a couple of years, and have flows way too many hours to count. I can do nearly anything in a moving vehicle. ;-)

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Glad you got all caught up and sad that we weren't able to meet up...hope you get some rest again soon...

Vivian said...

You always amaze me with all your juggling (schedule, not spindles :-)). A day off with no demand is truly nice!

WonderWhyGal said...

Imagine that...I'm just now reading last week's posts. Grrr, you think I was crazy on Rav with TdF? :-)