Monday, November 5, 2012

Alpaca Costume Contest

The one event Miss A and Clementine did not sign up for last weekend was the Costume Contest.

With as competitive as she is, I'm glad we didn't.  All of the costumes we were talking about were pretty lame in comparison.  She would have been very disappointed.

That being said, we were stalled next to a couple of the older kids and were impressed with their costumes, so we made a point to watch the event.

Spider Man/Captain America, Bee/Bee Keeper and Flamenco Dancers

Jelly Fish from the Great Barrier Reef, Knight/Ghost, Oompa Loompas

Garden Gnome/Gardener, Hunters, Scarecrow/Dorothy, A couple of Cowboys

The Jelly Fish

A Zebra collecting Monkeys and his Zoo Keeper

Miss A studied them and I think has a great idea for next year.  :-)


Natalie said...

The zebra is my favourite!

MarmePurl said...

How FUN!

WonderWhyGal said...

That zebra is rock star! I can't believe they got the alpaca to let them put pants on them...including the spiderman costume. I'd have been kicked for sure.

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

That zebra is very cool. Actually the whole thing is very cool! I didn't know alpacas got up these sort of things.

AC said...

Ahhh! I was a jellyfish for Halloween last year. It's a fantastically easy costume. Maybe next year, I can be an alpaca dressed as jellyfish (might be a bit harder).

Chez said...

Love the Zebra one!