Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bolder Boulder - 2011

Monday, Memorial Day was the 33rd Bolder Boulder.  It's one of the largest races in the US and I believe the largest Memorial Day celebration in this country.

It was humid and overcast, but did not rain.

The race starts in waves beginning with the wheelchair race.  Then every 5-10 minutes a wave of runners are started.  The race winds through the city of Boulder, Colorado.  The final athletic event of the day is the International Team Challenge.  Where 3 members from various national teams compete.

The race finishes at Folsom Field, where the CU Buffalos play football.

Since the wheelchair race is first, the stadium is relatively empty but by the time the team challenge starts the stadium is full with people who raced and their families and friends.

Like many other races, there are bands along the course to keep it fun and entertaining for everyone.

Yes, that's a statue of Frank Shorter in a kilt.

Hubba did well.  He finished 3rd. :-)

The Bolder Boulder is a great event.

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thezsfamily said...

Oh, the Bolder Boulder! My parents watched the race as it passed their house the first two years it happened... Congrats to your husband!