Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Garden has Exploded

Holy Cow!  My garden has exploded in the last week or so.  All of my tomato plants have gotten bigger and most have flowers.

The light colored spots on the stalk are scars from the hail storm.

The squash, cucumber and melons all look big and healthy in spite of the remaining hail damage.

There is one lone zucchini and several squash blossoms showing great promise.  I love saying squash blossoms.  Squash Blossoms!  :-)

Beets!  These are beets!  We love beets in this house.  This is my first time trying root vegetables as well as starting with seed, so I am thrilled to see these guys.

There are other plants spouted in my seed row.  I'm just trying to decide if they are weeds or something I actually planted and therefore wanted.  There are supposed to be carrots, corn and butternut squash along with the beets.

I do solemnly swear to label my plants next year!

As I mentioned before, most of the fruit on our trees was lost during a hail storm, but the peach tree is full.

The apple tree actually has a few apples.  Which is a huge surprise because we only had a few blossoms followed buy huge amounts of rain and really, really cold days.

Of course, the crop of weeds has exploded as well.  So I've been spending a little time here and there pulling.

I'm travelling next week, so I hope my small weeding efforts are not in vain.  As you can see, I have a ways to go.


Jaimie said...

It looks great! I love coming back to my garden after traveling (assuming it's been watered). I look at our plants every single day, multiple times, so taking off a number of days, or a week or more, makes it all seem so exciting. Everything seems gigantic.

Voie de Vie said...

Your garden did indeed explode! Love those beets, too (roasted, pickled, you name it). They should grow really well; beets are a staple crop a few states over in Montana, so ...

Spinster Beth said...

Yay, exploding garden!

I know what you mean about the weeds-or-plants ... I planted several soybean seeds, but they were reluctant. So I'm not sure if I have weeds growing there, or soybeans ... I don't want to pull them up just in case!

Everything looks great!

Kathryn Ray said...

@vdV - beets grow very well here. Sugar Beets are a major product for Colorado. In fact we used to play against a team in High School who were called the Beet Diggers. :-)

@Jaimie - I agree. I think the best part of gardening is seeing how the plants change every day. I now have pea sized tomatoes!!

@Spinster Beth - I'm with you, I plan to be very slight with my weeding when I make it over to the seed row.

Julie said...

I'm still waiting for mine to explode, they aren't looking very good.