Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I have said for years that I hate shopping, but I went shopping recently and had a great time.

This got me thinking about why.  It was an afternoon of walking around a small town downtown and looking in shops without any real purpose.  I was with my BFF, so the company was good.  :-)

The shops were local, independent and full of unique items.  All of which I enjoyed.

So why do I think I hate shopping?

I hate shopping for undergarments, swimsuits and cars.  I hate shopping at the mall.  I hate walking around with a bunch of other people looking at things that are the same as everywhere else.

I do love shopping at the Feed Store, Farmers Markets, and Fiber Shows.  I enjoy shopping for yarn, roving and books.  I love shopping at kitchen stores and plant nurseries.  So I guess I better re-evaluate my thoughts.


karen said...

I always say I hate shopping too but I suppose it is quite a broad statement. I sure don't hat opp shopping or plant shopping!

Ellen said...

I am not a big shopping fan either. Before the Internet, I was a big catalog shopper. Going clothes shopping in particular is never fun for some reason. I also don't enjoy the mall experience either.

Yarn? That's another story!