Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Alpacamundo: Weaning

It's been a while since I've had a gratuitous alpaca post.  Frankly it's because the alpacas are quietly growing their lovely fleece without much drama.  Although we did separate the crias and mommas earlier this month.

Big Thompson saying hello to his new neighbors
The crias are seven and eight months old and their mommas are a little thin.  So we put the crias with the little boys for the next two months.  Apple will return to live with the ladies when her momma is dry and Big Thompson will stay with the younger boys.

Big Thompson and Apple enjoying their new digs
It's been an uneventful weaning with the exception of a little pacing and whining on the crias' part.  The younger girls spent a few days waiting at the gate for the crias to come back, but the mommas have enjoyed their peace and quiet.

Noodle and Big Thompson looking at the girls across the way


Voie de Vie said...

We want more gratuitous alpaca posts - they're way too adorable.

Halfpint said...

I agree with Voie de Vie, gratuitous alpaca and puppy posts always welcome