Sunday, February 13, 2011

Elk in Estes Park

You are almost guaranteed to see elk when you visit Estes Park, Colorado.  Yesterday was no exception.


WonderWhyGal said...

Beautiful! I'm so used to seeing White Tail Deer that the Elk are a refreshing site. Of course, they probably cause as much damage (if not more) than our deer. Still...a beautiful site.

Oak Haven Alpacas said...

great pictures!!!


Marilyn in NM said...

How neat! My sister lives in Erie and they visit Estes Park quite a bit just for the wildlife. When we visited a few years ago we drove through Estes then up to Rocky Mtn. National Park and have since made it a yearly event. I love it up there! We even saw moose the first year we went along with the big horn sheep.
We're down here in NM just south of the CO border and the west side of the Rockies. The elk are coming down to eat as the snow has been covering their food. I love seeing them. They're so beautiful.

Kathryn Ray said...

@Marilyn - Estes Park is one of my most favorite places to visit. The views are just incredible.

Of course that's closely followed by New Mexico. I lived in ABQ for a looong time... and like a true New Mexican, I am proud of the chile in my freezer. ;-)