Saturday, February 5, 2011


As the hay stack gets smaller, I find myself counting bales more often.  Continually re-figuring out how long until we need to buy more and considering whether we bought appropriately last time.

I don't really worry about the feed and minerals too much.  We use Ranch-Way which is made in Fort Collins just a few miles away.  So we have very easy access to the feed.  But the hay and alfalfa, I think about.  A lot.

Today we have 39 bales of hay and 10 bales of alfalfa. At a half-bale of hay per day and one bale of alfalfa per week, it should keep everyone well fed until mid-April-ish.

That means the hay we bought is lasting about as planned.  However, now that I'm thinking about the idea of buying hay in April, I suspect I should buy enough to bridge us to August-ish then buy for a year at a time.


WonderWhyGal said...

We are making an emergency run tomorrow. What I thought would get me through until mid-March...didn't. Argh! We have a new place to store the hay next year so I won't have to make mid-season trips next year. It's all a process.

Kathryn Ray said...

No kidding. Each year is a learning experience. I now know we can store a year's worth of hay.

I was so concerned about not having to buy in the middle of winter that I didn't realize that early spring wouldn't be much better. :-/

Oak Haven Alpacas said...

We are always needing to get more hay. As our herd grows, and the cold of winter sets in, we use more and more of it. Thankfully there is a farm less than 10 miles away that sells hay. And, there is a hay auction nearby every Monday afternoon. The down side is loading up the trailer with hay in the snow and slippery roads. My husband is on a hay run this afternoon (I *have* to work :) I actually do. When I can, I work my hours out so I can help, hay is a big job

I think counting bales of hay is a farmers duty :)


Kathryn Ray said...

@Cara - stacking hay is a whole lotta work. So far it's been worth it to pay for delivery.

We have a hay auction nearby too, but I haven't been there yet. Will have to check it out.