Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Automated Bathroom

I dislike automated bathroom fixtures... with a passion.

Why must they always in a state of disrepair?

There's the soap dispenser that won't dispense.  The water faucet that won't turn on or will turn on but then not off.  The toilet that flushes while you're still sitting on it.  The hand dryers that won't turn on or turns off as soon as you move your hand from the sensor to the air flow.  And how about those paper towel dispensers that give you two inches or nothing?

Then when the power goes out you can't flush or wash.

Why do these things have to be electric?  What was wrong with the old-fashioned mechanical devices?

Don't tell me a paper-less bathroom is cleaner, because I've been in my share of paper-less swamps.

And while I'm on my soap-box, why are the towels/dryers so far away from the sinks in airport bathrooms? 

Dear Architect - you know we can't leave our bags unattended.  Your design makes me get my baggage handles wet which I also dislike.


Oak Haven Alpacas said...

I hear you!!

I agree!

My peeve is the paperless bathrooms. Certainly not cleaner. And I still believe that hand blow dryers can't be good for the environment. I just don't buy it's more environmentally friendly. It is a machine that blows air around, couldn't it cause polution too? I haven't found the stats to back me up yet, but I have faith one day I will be proven right. (there are other things that I have been proven right on, it was just a matter of time ;) ).

Or the facets you have to hold on to keep the water running. How can you wash germs off your hands if you are holding this knob that everyone else has held onto? GRR!


Kathryn Ray said...

Oh, I forgot about those faucet handles you have to hold. I guess I haven't come across any in a while.

I would have to agree with you on the polution effects of hand dryers. The mechanism would have to be oiled or greased. Certainly that is being introduced into the airstream. Let alone the polution created when the electricity to run them is generated.