Saturday, April 24, 2010

Things that Work: Neti Pot

I've been using a Neti Pot for years.

I'm not really sure how or when I first learned about Neti Pots.  I remember I thought about it for quite a while before I bought one.  Then it sat on my shelf for a very long time before I mustered the courage to give it a try. 

My allergies were especially bad that day and I needed some relief.  I figured running salt water through my sinuses could not make me feel any worse.

I read the instructions, prepared the water, lifted the spout to my nose, bent my head over the sink and poured.  Water went everywhere.  Most notably from my nose to my mouth.  I started coughing and I felt claustrophobic.

I stopped, cleaned up and re-read the instructions.  Finally, I took a deep breath and tried again.  This time?  Success!  I could feel the salt water in my sinus behind my eyes.  It was moving the gunk and relieving the pressure.

I now use the Neti Pot most days after completing farm chores.  I do still use allergy medicine occasionally, but the Neti Pot goes a long way toward keeping that hay fever at bay.

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