Saturday, April 17, 2010

Miss Kitty has gone Missing

Our Bad-A$$ Kitty-Cat went missing last week.

We have many predators that would enjoy a kitty-cat dinner such as fox, coyote and bald eagle.  So Hubba was very concerned that something got her.  He told me the birds were acting differently that morning and that he just felt something was not right.  I told him she was probably hunting and would be back later, knowing that Hubba's gut is usually correct.

The last time she went missing, hubba found her under our neighbor's air conditioner.  She had a bulging and infected eye that was most likely from a skirmish with a road runner.  We took her to the kitty-cat emergency where the vet told us the infection was only in the eye.  So we opted to have it removed, which didn't slow her down for long.

The mono-optical kitty continued to be an effective mouser and finally caught the humming bird she had been coveting for years.

Since we moved to Colorado, she had been sticking close to the house.  But the nicer weather and rabbits, squirrels, birds and mice for hunting had been grabbing her curiosity.

Hubba, the Alpaca Dog and I have been searching for her in bushes, under porches and basically in all of the hiding places we can find.

There is no evidence of her.

We're really sad that she's gone.  It's amazing that such a small kitty was such a big part of these dog people's lives.


Knapper Alpakka said...

I hope you find her. We have, sadly, lost a few cats over the years, and we are emotionally attached to every one. They are strong characters.

Crossing fingers for you.

allison said...

I'm not surprised that kitty got into your heart. I think it's the purring. I hope she surprises you and comes home.

Kathryn Ray said...

Thank you both. We would be very happy if she comes home.