Monday, January 12, 2009


It's been a while since we've gone to the movies at an actual theatre. Normally we rent from Netflix. However we went a couple of times over the Christmas Holiday.

I was surprised to find that tickets are now $10 each. There are no employees behind the the snack counter. The popcorn is already popped and bagged and not hot.

If the movies weren't considered the best of the year, I would have been really disappointed.


Bonnie Morrison said...

I concur!! I was astonished that I saw "no line" waiting for drinks and popcorn, only to figure outmoments later that I had to pour my own drink (like at Taco Bell) and then turn the corner only to find one cashier for everyone!! It had appeared as "no line, no waiting" but in reality, I waited more than I ever have before. Very disappointing. I guess I will continue, like you, with my Netflix.

The Scientist said...

Movie houses suck! My 2 boys went to see a movie this weekend at the mall and someone brought a new born that cried the entire time. So inconsiderate.