Sunday, January 11, 2009

Halter Training

Yesterday I spent some time halter training the fall crias. This was the 3rd time for each to wear a halter in their 4 months. The plan was to spend 10 minutes each and have them get used to wearing the halter and realize it won't hurt them. I have 2 crias with 2 very different reactions...

Alpacamundo's Augustus: Fought a bit then calmed down, stood still and followed the lead around the corral a couple of times. When I removed the halter he hung around a bit then went to the hay bin next to his mother.

Alpacamundo's Daisy (aka The Drama Queen): Bucked, reared, repeatedly threw herself on the ground and finally cushed for a few minutes. When I removed her halter she went directly to her mom and started nursing.

I'm pleased with their progress, but know we will spend most visits this winter working with the halters

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